The 67 Steps Review

There is no shortage of self-help gurus and life coaches who would want to tell you how to achieve your best life yet. Self-self is a lucrative business, and often, maxresdefaultthere are techniques that work and there are those that don’t. Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program is one program that claims to help you craft the best life for yourself using selected nuggets of wisdom curated into 67 steps that the author has crafted out of a life of reading and learning from some of the most successful and fulfilled individuals today.

The 67 Steps Review

67 Steps: What is it?

The 67 steps are one of the most popular programs for creating your best life. Creator Tai Lopez crafted the program out of the core principles and concepts that he learned from his mentors on creating success. He picked the number 67 because according to studies, it takes 66 days to form any habit, adding that he threw in one more day for “good luck.”

The 67 Steps Program is not a book, contrary to the first impression of many. This is a web-based program where members are given access to video resources, an active online community, access to the team of consultants for any questions, updates on individual progress and ideas for improvement. The program also comes with a few bonus features
designed to aid members in getting the most out of each step.

Program Details

The program is broken down into 67 videos, each corresponding to one step. Each video is 30 minutes to an hour long. The videos are accompanied by questions to encourage deeper study and reflection and members can discuss the videos in the online community through different forums. Members are also given an online journal where they can write down reflections and other insights after each video session.

The program incorporates nuggets of wisdom from the likes of Socrates, Plato, Warren Buffet, and even Donald Trump. Each step comes with catchy headings and discusses topics about humility, knowing one’s self-worth, learning to adapt, cultivating a good work ethic, among others.

The program also includes a free newsletter of Book of the Day summaries which are sent to your inbox daily. These book summaries double as recommendations for the best books to read for practical knowledge on how to get the most out of your career, health, and relationships. Popular books you will likely come across in Lopez’s emails include Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker, The One Thing by Gary Keller, and Jerry Weintraub’s When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead.


The videos are done in a way that is easy to understand. Lopez knows how to talk to an audience and he does a great job of explaining each step in a way that accurately describes and justifies each step. The action part at the end of the video is also a useful component that forces practical application and discourages passive ingestion of information.

The daily format also creates a solid sense of continuity and structure. It can be hard to start any program without a strong network that motivates and keeps you on focused on the goal as you strive to accomplish each daily task as set by the program. The structure of the program allows members to create a good habit a day at a time while keeping them focused on the ultimate end goal, which is to create their own version of a successful life.


The most common complaint is that some of the videos are too long especially for topics that can easily be discussed for 30 minutes or less. Lopez also tends to ramble, which causes some users to skip some parts so they can go the meatier parts of the video.


The 67 Steps Program is an extensive, online program that provides a 66-day guide to creating positive habits so that you can gain control of your life. Online resources, an active community and reliable support from the 67 steps team and Tai Lopez himself gives members numerous incentives to start their journeys towards creating positive, meaningful relationships, fulfilling careers and achieving optimum health and wellness.

About Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a businessman, entrepreneur and popular Youtube personality with a background in finance. He is a certified financial planner who owns a number of entertainment ventures in Hollywood. He spends his time managing his businesses, traveling, speaking and serving as an adviser/consultant to various businesses around the world. When not doing any of these, Lopez runs a popular podcast called “The Grand Theory of Everything.”

How To Get Your Ex Back

Relationships are an important part of life which is why they should be nurtured and protected. However, there are times when things go wrong regardless of Get-Your-Ex-Girlfriend-Backhow hard you try. If you broke up with your boyfriend because of issues that seemed too enormous to overcome but now feel you should make up here are some tips on how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Do some soul searching

Before you make any step it is wise to take some time and think about your life in general. Find out what you really want in a man and compare it to what your ex had to offer. Once you are certain he was the right match you can go ahead and initiate steps to mend the broken relationship.

Consider what went wrong

Take some time to go over the events that led to your breakup. Try to look at things from his perspective and understand how he might have felt at that time. Once you have a good idea of whatever went wrong make a conscious decision to avoid going that route ever again.

Do not try making him jealous

One of the mistakes women make is to start hanging out with new men and making it public through their social media pages. If you are doing this in the hope of making your ex jealous you may be in for a rude shock. If your man notices that you are quick to move on he is likely to lose interest in you.

Reach out to him

Without reaching out he may never know what your true intentions are. Do not bother him with frequent calls or messages but be sure to send a goodnight or morning message. Let him know that you still miss him and that you wish things were different. This kind of approach is likely to soften his stance especially if you are the one that was in the wrong.

Ask him out

Once you are back to talking terms let him know that you would like to go out to a movie or lunch date with him whenever he is free. Be bold enough to let him know that you enjoyed the times you spent together and would like to rekindle that passion if he is willing to try.

Dress to impress

On the day of the date, you need to ensure that you dress up to impress. Do not wear a skimpy outfit just to get his attention but rather go for that dress or skinny jeans that he used to admire. Make your hair and accessorize as best as you can. This will let him miss being with you and can hasten the pace with which you get back together.

Talk things out

On the date do not rush things or pressurize him into taking you back. Men are often put off if the woman seems desperate which is why you must be calm and confident. Let him take the lead in whatever you do. When you are seated in a quiet place do not be tempted to push things under the carpet. Initiate a conversation about what went wrong and let him know that you are willing to own up to the mistakes you made. Talking things over is key to bringing back the trust that you may have lost.

Seek forgiveness

If you are the one that was on the wrong ask him for forgiveness in a genuine manner. Reassure him of your love and make a promise not to repeat the same mistake again. If he was in the wrong and he asks for your forgiveness it is prudent to accept the apology and forget about the incident that caused you to break up. Holding any memories of the negatives will only work against your relationship.

Show gratitude

As the date comes to an end express your thoughts by letting him know that you had a good time and would love to do it again. This is likely to lead to another date which is exactly what you want.

Give him time

When trying to get your ex back you need to be patient. Trying to rush anything may upset the mood or send the wrong message. Do not keep calling him or sending texts asking if he is ready to get back with you. Let things unfold in a natural manner. It is fine for you to keep checking up on him and letting him know that you still love him.

What You Need To Know When Joining Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is a sport that can be enjoyable and lucrative for those who perform well. It usually involves competitors that use certain techniques andMMA-900x614 strength to overcome the opponent. Here are some of the most important details you need to know when planning on joining this sport.

Information is available everywhere

To learn about the people that have achieved success and how they did it simply make use of your online search engine. A casual search can bring up a number of resources that are likely to put everything into perspective. You will get to learn how to perfect your skills and how to enter into a professional competition. Hundreds of stories about the sport can offer inspiration at times when you feel like giving up. You must also learn about the rules and regulations that govern this sport so that you do not run the risk of getting disqualified at any stage.

How to buy training materials

To sharpen your skills you need to have all the right training equipment. A BJJ grappling dummy is a particular item that you need to consider buying. While shopping for the perfect one consider the materials that are used in the design and ensure that it is durable. The best MMA grappling dummies are designed with elaborate features that make them mimic a human being’s physical structure. This allows you to practice every technique in the book. The costs may vary depending on the seller and quality of the dummy you purchase. It is advisable for you to make your purchases online because that is where you are likely to get good deals.

Choosing a personal trainer

Most of the people that have gone on to become successful in mixed martial arts confess to working with a personal trainer. If you wish to excel it is prudent to consider hiring someone that has been in the sporting world for a considerable amount of time. Experience has probably opened their eyes to the strategies that most people use. The professional should have a track record of success with other athletes in the sporting industry. He or she should offer services at a rate that is not extremely expensive.

Practice makes perfect

If you are only interested in the actual competition but put no effort into training you are unlikely to advance. It is encouraged that you make an elaborate schedule on how you will practice your throws, take-downs, strangleholds among other techniques. Continuous practice allows your body to adjust to the quick movements and steady holds that are usually involved in the sport. As a result, when you get into the ring with opponents you will have an easier time overcoming them.

Watch what you eat

MMA is a sport that relies on technique but also takes a lot of physical strength. This is why your body needs to be well nourished. Eat foods that are rich in all the vital nutrients and minerals. This will ensure that your bones are tough and your muscles are able to withstand strenuous activity. Eating the right type of food also guarantees that your immune system is able to fight off any diseases or infections that may hinder your progress. If you do not know how to plan meals seek the help of a professional nutritionist. Such an individual is able to give a personalized list of foods that are ideal for a mixed martial artist.

Avoid toxic substances

Drinking a lot of alcohol may seem fun but it actually affects your health negatively. The same can be said about smoking cigarettes and abuse of other banned substances. If you wish to continue performing well you need to stay away from such toxic substances. Medical professionals have done extensive studies that prove such substances damage internal organs making you unable to compete in physical activity.

Get enough rest and healthy fluids

As an athletic person, you obviously engage in a lot of exercises. However, you must realize that rest is equally important. Your body experiences a lot of stress and strain throughout the day and this can cause fatigue and painful sensations. By getting enough rest through adequate sleep at night and naps during the day you allow your muscles and tissues to replenish. You also give your mind the time to relax and release stress. The effect is that you will feel energized at every start of the day. Drinking adequate amounts of water and healthy fruit juices can be key to better performance.

Fishing Styles

Looking At The Different Types Of Fishing Styles

When it comes to fishing, every angler has his or her favorite method of going after their underwater prey just in the same way that every angler has their favorite fish. This doesn’t mean an avid fisherman will stay with just one species – good fishing is just that, but almost everyone has their personal favorite. Whether you’re new to the world of fishing, or you’ve been hitting the rivers and lakes for years, you might be surprised to learn just how many different styles of fishing there actually are as seen at

awesome-fishingRead on to learn just how many different ways there are to enjoy the fine sport of fishing!

Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is one of the most unique forms of angling out there, requiring a very particular type of rod, line, and lures (called “flies”). This style is mostly used on creeks and small rivers. While the style requires a lot of practice to get the wrist movement just right, there’s something satisfying about the pull and fight that comes from a fly being hit by a trout or smallmouth bass.

Fly fishing is done with a limited number of fish because it’s not a style designed to bring in the large predatory freshwater fish like largemouth bass or northern pike. Sunfish, trout, and occasional smallmouth bass and salmon are the main fish anglers go after with fly fishing.

And once you learn how to cook fish, we think you may find Anabolic Cooking Rocks a great resource for getting the most out of your cooked fish.

If you’re a fan of crankbaits, then at some point you have almost certainly practiced trolling. Trolling is the practice of casting out a crankbait, letting a lot of lines out, and then eventually setting it, dragging the lure along. Even on a small fishing boat you can usually get three lines out: one out each side, and one out the back.

The moving boat then provides all the movement to the lure, which makes them appear like bait fish following behind the boat and hopefully making them appealing for whatever is in the water. This technique does require space to work.

Casting Fishing
Casting fishing is just that. Whether from shore or the boat, this can use a wide variety of different baits and lures, and is the simple process of opening the reel, casting out the lure or the bait, and then closing it and reeling the line in. When things go well, a fish slams into your lure on the way back to the boat and after you set the hook the fight is on.

While casting and moving or trolling via boat involves going from one spot to another, jigging requires finding a decent spot. Also, using sinkers to help the jig fall to the floor of the lake or river you’re fishing, and then to set the hook and jerking the rod up, then letting the lure settle back down.

The hope is this will make the lures look like insects or other underwater food sources just skipping around the bottom. The fish sees lunch, and you set the hook once hit and go from there. Jigging is used on a wide variety of fish including walleye, bass, and more.

Bobber & Bait
For some people, the image of fishing isn’t full of action and movement. The old fashioned picture of having a relaxing day with the fishing rod out and a bobber on the surface is what this particular style takes care of. There should be a sinker between the baited hook and the bobber to make sure the bait is kept at the right level to get attention from the fish.

This is a more relaxing form of fishing as it doesn’t require much movement at all, just kick back and watch for the bobber to go underwater. Once it does, it is time to start reeling in!

Bow Fishing
Bow fishing is a much different style of fishing as it is one of the few without a fishing rod. Bow fishing can be using a bow and arrow (with a line attached to the arrow so you can pull or reel it in, or a speargun, which has the same effect as a mini harpoon. Bow fishing has many rules and regulations around it, so it is critical to making sure that you understand the state rules in your area.

The seasons for this method tend to be smaller and very carefully managed, but it can be an incredibly fun, and very unique, a new way to enjoy a new favorite method of fishing.

In Conclusion
As you can see, there are many different fishing styles, and every single one of these methods has its pros and cons. Try them all out – you never know what style of fishing will be the most enjoyable to you until you’ve tried them and figured out which one meets you. Once you’ve got this down, get out there on the water and enjoy!

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