How To Get Your Ex Back

Relationships are an important part of life which is why they should be nurtured and protected. However, there are times when things go wrong regardless of Get-Your-Ex-Girlfriend-Backhow hard you try. If you broke up with your boyfriend because of issues that seemed too enormous to overcome but now feel you should make up here are some tips on how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Do some soul searching

Before you make any step it is wise to take some time and think about your life in general. Find out what you really want in a man and compare it to what your ex had to offer. Once you are certain he was the right match you can go ahead and initiate steps to mend the broken relationship.

Consider what went wrong

Take some time to go over the events that led to your breakup. Try to look at things from his perspective and understand how he might have felt at that time. Once you have a good idea of whatever went wrong make a conscious decision to avoid going that route ever again.

Do not try making him jealous

One of the mistakes women make is to start hanging out with new men and making it public through their social media pages. If you are doing this in the hope of making your ex jealous you may be in for a rude shock. If your man notices that you are quick to move on he is likely to lose interest in you.

Reach out to him

Without reaching out he may never know what your true intentions are. Do not bother him with frequent calls or messages but be sure to send a goodnight or morning message. Let him know that you still miss him and that you wish things were different. This kind of approach is likely to soften his stance especially if you are the one that was in the wrong.

Ask him out

Once you are back to talking terms let him know that you would like to go out to a movie or lunch date with him whenever he is free. Be bold enough to let him know that you enjoyed the times you spent together and would like to rekindle that passion if he is willing to try.

Dress to impress

On the day of the date, you need to ensure that you dress up to impress. Do not wear a skimpy outfit just to get his attention but rather go for that dress or skinny jeans that he used to admire. Make your hair and accessorize as best as you can. This will let him miss being with you and can hasten the pace with which you get back together.

Talk things out

On the date do not rush things or pressurize him into taking you back. Men are often put off if the woman seems desperate which is why you must be calm and confident. Let him take the lead in whatever you do. When you are seated in a quiet place do not be tempted to push things under the carpet. Initiate a conversation about what went wrong and let him know that you are willing to own up to the mistakes you made. Talking things over is key to bringing back the trust that you may have lost.

Seek forgiveness

If you are the one that was on the wrong ask him for forgiveness in a genuine manner. Reassure him of your love and make a promise not to repeat the same mistake again. If he was in the wrong and he asks for your forgiveness it is prudent to accept the apology and forget about the incident that caused you to break up. Holding any memories of the negatives will only work against your relationship.

Show gratitude

As the date comes to an end express your thoughts by letting him know that you had a good time and would love to do it again. This is likely to lead to another date which is exactly what you want.

Give him time

When trying to get your ex back you need to be patient. Trying to rush anything may upset the mood or send the wrong message. Do not keep calling him or sending texts asking if he is ready to get back with you. Let things unfold in a natural manner. It is fine for you to keep checking up on him and letting him know that you still love him.

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