The 67 Steps Review

There is no shortage of self-help gurus and life coaches who would want to tell you how to achieve your best life yet. Self-self is a lucrative business, and often, maxresdefaultthere are techniques that work and there are those that don’t. Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program is one program that claims to help you craft the best life for yourself using selected nuggets of wisdom curated into 67 steps that the author has crafted out of a life of reading and learning from some of the most successful and fulfilled individuals today.

The 67 Steps Review

67 Steps: What is it?

The 67 steps are one of the most popular programs for creating your best life. Creator Tai Lopez crafted the program out of the core principles and concepts that he learned from his mentors on creating success. He picked the number 67 because according to studies, it takes 66 days to form any habit, adding that he threw in one more day for “good luck.”

The 67 Steps Program is not a book, contrary to the first impression of many. This is a web-based program where members are given access to video resources, an active online community, access to the team of consultants for any questions, updates on individual progress and ideas for improvement. The program also comes with a few bonus features
designed to aid members in getting the most out of each step.

Program Details

The program is broken down into 67 videos, each corresponding to one step. Each video is 30 minutes to an hour long. The videos are accompanied by questions to encourage deeper study and reflection and members can discuss the videos in the online community through different forums. Members are also given an online journal where they can write down reflections and other insights after each video session.

The program incorporates nuggets of wisdom from the likes of Socrates, Plato, Warren Buffet, and even Donald Trump. Each step comes with catchy headings and discusses topics about humility, knowing one’s self-worth, learning to adapt, cultivating a good work ethic, among others.

The program also includes a free newsletter of Book of the Day summaries which are sent to your inbox daily. These book summaries double as recommendations for the best books to read for practical knowledge on how to get the most out of your career, health, and relationships. Popular books you will likely come across in Lopez’s emails include Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker, The One Thing by Gary Keller, and Jerry Weintraub’s When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead.


The videos are done in a way that is easy to understand. Lopez knows how to talk to an audience and he does a great job of explaining each step in a way that accurately describes and justifies each step. The action part at the end of the video is also a useful component that forces practical application and discourages passive ingestion of information.

The daily format also creates a solid sense of continuity and structure. It can be hard to start any program without a strong network that motivates and keeps you on focused on the goal as you strive to accomplish each daily task as set by the program. The structure of the program allows members to create a good habit a day at a time while keeping them focused on the ultimate end goal, which is to create their own version of a successful life.


The most common complaint is that some of the videos are too long especially for topics that can easily be discussed for 30 minutes or less. Lopez also tends to ramble, which causes some users to skip some parts so they can go the meatier parts of the video.


The 67 Steps Program is an extensive, online program that provides a 66-day guide to creating positive habits so that you can gain control of your life. Online resources, an active community and reliable support from the 67 steps team and Tai Lopez himself gives members numerous incentives to start their journeys towards creating positive, meaningful relationships, fulfilling careers and achieving optimum health and wellness.

About Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a businessman, entrepreneur and popular Youtube personality with a background in finance. He is a certified financial planner who owns a number of entertainment ventures in Hollywood. He spends his time managing his businesses, traveling, speaking and serving as an adviser/consultant to various businesses around the world. When not doing any of these, Lopez runs a popular podcast called “The Grand Theory of Everything.”

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